Bee Removal


Do you have bees living a little too close to home?

Let us help! We can:

  • Remove bee hives
  • Remove bees present on location
  • Re-home bees so they can continue doing their important work in our ecosystem

After removing a beehive there will still be worker bees 🐝 coming home and it can take up to four hours for the bees to fly back home. They can fly up to 20 mph and travel up to 5 miles to pollinate.

Swarm or Hive?

It's important to know the difference between a hive and a swarm. Swarms are typical in the spring months. The bees will congregate on tree branches or bushes while they are searching out a permanent place to build the hive.

If you just started seeing the bees give them 3 to 7 days and see if they move on. At this phase the bees are not typically aggressive unless provoked. Since there is no hive yet, they have nothing to protect and therefore no reason to attack.

If you do see a hive or if the bees have been present for an extended time and you would like them removed or managed give us a call for an estimate.


I had the bees removed, why are they still here?

Bees will fly up to 5 miles from the hive to collect nectar and can take up to 4 hours to return to the hive. You could see stray bees searching for the removed hive for up to 10 days before they starve with no hive for food.

It is completely normal to still see a bigger amount of bees on site during the 4 hours following removal but they should begin to dwindle in numbers with in a few days. 

If you're still having trouble with bees and need us to come out and collect more, give us a call for an estimate.